The Pink Window
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Anyone can buy a present, but choosing the prefect gift can be a daunting task. 

In a present picking predicament? Never fear, The Pink Window is here, and we've got just the solution for all of your gift giving dilemmas. Hand your frustrations to one of our professional gifting experts and we'll select something she's sure to love.

Why send an ordinary gift when you can send an extraordinary gift?  Step inside to find a wonderful selection of swoon-worthy items. From the funky to the fancy and everything in between. 

Still stuck? No problem. 

We've got serious skills. Put our friendly and helpful staff of professional pickers to work for you. We'll even gift wrap it and ship it for you. You'll walk away looking like a rockstar- all from the comfort of your home. Avoid the crowds, gift with confidence and best of all? It'll be our little secret. 

Peek inside The Pink Window to find the perfect solution to all of your gift giving needs. The Pink Window: It's gifting, with a personal touch.