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“Prisma” Table Runner


“Introducing the ‘Prisma’ Handloom Table Runner: A Kaleidoscope of Bohemian Elegance. Elevate your décor with the mesmerizing beauty of a multicolor prismatic pattern weave. The intricate design dances with a spectrum of hues, adding a vibrant touch to any space. Handmade fabric embellishments on the edges bring an artisanal flair to this masterpiece. Transform your table into a canvas of boho charm and artistic expression. With ‘Prisma,’ each meal becomes a journey into the world of captivating design. Illuminate your home with the essence of individuality and creativity.”


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  • Discover “Prisma” Handloom Table Runner: Where Boho Meets Kaleidoscope.
  • Immerse yourself in the enchanting allure of a multicolor prismatic pattern weave.
  • Handmade fabric embellishments on the edges add a bespoke touch of craftsmanship.
  • Elevate your table with a burst of vibrant hues and intricate texture.
  • Unveil the perfect harmony between free-spirited design and artistic expression.
  • Create a captivating focal point that tells a story of wanderlust and creativity.
  • “Prisma” — where bohemian artistry weaves a tapestry of color and design
  • The colors of the actual product may slightly vary because of the studio and photography lighting.


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Weight 0.400 kg
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 2.5 cm





12" x 48" inches, 12" x 72" inches

Wash Care

Gentle Handwash


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