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“More Space” Wall canvases


Ignite their passion for space with our Set of 2 Digital Art Print Wall Canvases. Featuring a delightful space illustration and the empowering quote “Need more space,” this set is the perfect gift for kids who dream of exploring the stars. Add a touch of cosmic wonder to their living space with these captivating canvases that will inspire and encourage their adventurous spirit in the vast universe.

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Introducing our Set of 2 Digital Art Print Wall Canvases, a cosmic and imaginative gift perfect for kids who love exploring the wonders of space. This set includes two captivating canvases that will transport young minds to the far reaches of the universe.

The first canvas features a whimsical illustration of planets and space, capturing the enchanting beauty of the cosmos. Bright colors and adorable designs bring the magic of space exploration to life, sparking curiosity and wonder in every child’s heart.

The second canvas showcases the empowering quotation “Need more space,” inspiring kids to dream big and reach for the stars. The playful font and celestial-themed background complement the space illustration, creating a cohesive and motivating pair of artworks.

Both canvases are thoughtfully stretched on sturdy wooden frames, ensuring durability and longevity. The wooden frames add a touch of charm, creating polished and ready-to-hang artworks that will elevate any kids’ room or play area.

Designed as a delightful gift for kids, this set of canvases ignites their imagination and curiosity about the cosmos. It encourages them to dream beyond the sky, fostering a love for science, exploration, and limitless possibilities.

Whether it’s for a bedroom, playroom, or study area, these canvases will serve as a captivating addition to any child’s space. Installing them is hassle-free, with pre-installed hanging hardware for easy placement on the wall.



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14"x14" inches


Blue, White


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