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“Persian Poppies” Cushion cover


Experience the beauty of nature and the indulgence of luxurious textures with our “Persian Poppy” Cushion Cover. Elevate your living space with the timeless charm of poppy florals, the allure of dark blue fur, and the comfort of white velvet. Create an atmosphere of sophistication and relaxation – bring home the “Persian Poppy” today.

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Introducing our exquisite “Persian Poppy” Cushion Cover, a celebration of nature’s beauty and elegance, combined with opulent textures and thoughtful design. This masterpiece captures the timeless charm of poppy florals in a harmonious blue and white palette, adorned with a luxurious dark blue fur trim, creating a sophisticated piece that will grace your space with its presence.

Floral Elegance in Blue and White: Embrace the enchanting allure of the “Persian Poppy” Cushion Cover, featuring a meticulously crafted poppy floral pattern in serene blue and white hues. The delicate blooms evoke a sense of tranquility and grace, bringing the beauty of nature indoors. The thoughtfully chosen colors provide a serene backdrop that effortlessly complements various decor styles, creating an ambiance of sophistication.

Lavish Dark Blue Fur Trim: Elevating the design to new heights, the edges of the cushion cover are adorned with a sumptuous dark blue fur trim. This opulent detail adds texture, depth, and a touch of luxury to the overall aesthetic. The contrast between the soft fur and the floral pattern creates an intriguing visual and tactile experience that’s sure to captivate.

Generous Size for Impactful Decor: Measuring a spacious 16×16 inches, this cushion cover is designed to make a statement in your living space. Whether it’s gracing your sofa, accent chair, or bed, the “Persian Poppy” Cushion Cover adds an instant touch of elegance and charm. Its size allows for both decorative impact and comfortable lounging.

Concealed Zip for a Seamless Look: The “Persian Poppy” Cushion Cover boasts a concealed zip enclosure, ensuring a clean and sophisticated appearance. This hidden zip adds a touch of refinement to the design while providing practicality for easy removal and cleaning, allowing you to maintain the beauty of your cushion cover effortlessly.

Coordinated White Velvet Backside: In keeping with our commitment to both tactile comfort and design cohesion, the cushion cover features a coordinated white velvet backside. This velvety smooth texture not only enhances the overall comfort but also complements the front floral pattern, creating a sense of harmony and elegance

Please note that the filler is not included, granting you the freedom to personalize the level of plushness and support to suit your preferences.

Disclaimer: Product Color May Slightly Vary Due to Photographic Lighting Sources or Your Screen Settings.

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velvet, Faux fur

Wash Care



Blue, White


16 x 16 inches


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